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Display Case Lighting

Time:2016-11-18 Click:1607
Display cabinet is composed of many parts and each part has its own unique role. For example, LED lighting has played an important part in the clothing display cabinets and jewelry display cases, which is a point of concern to many companies. And different LED light source has varying effects on the products in the showcase. Here are some details about how to use LED lighting correctly.

First, you have to determine the nature of your products on display. Is it suitable for flexible optical or intensity of light? In general, jewelry counter will use LED light bar. There are so many kinds of light bar and the most common one is the 6500K cool white light bar, which is usually used along with aluminum tank.

Second, if you display something with high quality like diamond, it is recommended that you use a light source to about 10000K and it had better be bluish after a certain degree of brightness. In this case the refracted light effects will be very high-grade. Generally most people will choose this lighting for boutique showcase. Of course, this type of lighting requires special customized and the cost is also higher.

Third, if you display some products like gold, then you should use a flexible lighting, such as 2700K or 4500K and other yellow light source. Such lighting can perfectly match with its color quality, but also make the products more delicate and grander.
From the above description, we can see the importance of LED lighting in display cabinet, and proper use of LED lighting can help to make the products more attractive, in this way we can also increase sales. However, we have found that display cases for LED lighting applications are not particularly prominent, so in this aspect, designers also need to work harder.
Display Case Lighting