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The best ways to find high quality strip light

LED Rope is widely used in light tank indirect lighting, large area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, as well as showcase or wall lighting.
So, what should be equipped with an good LED rope? In other words, how to choose the professional LED lights with good quality and perfect effect?

Today, I will show you LED rope select Cheats, so you can immediately become a light expert!
1, Uniform light
There are two layers of uniform light:
1) The brightness between lamp beads should be consistent, which is related to the quality of LED lamp beads.
Quick judgment method: with eyes!
Use the eyes to observe whether the light rope is luminous evenly
Constant Current 2835 Led Strip Light
2) All lamps from the first to the last one need to be consistent, which is related to the pressure drop problem of LED lamp.
LED lights need to use the drive power to light. If the voltage drop of LED drive power supply is relatively large, the brightness of LED lights will be inconsistent as the connection time is too long.
Quick Judgment Method: Connect the required length, light the led rope, and discharge it together to observe with your eyes.

2, Consistent light color
Light color consistency is a important parameters to test whether light beads of LED lights is qualified or not.
Judgment method: look directly at the light belt, or to find a piece of  white paper and put it close to the LED light side vertically, you can basically judge this light color is consistent or not. Look with your eyes is the most intuitive way.

3, Choose right color temperature

Generally speaking, the general space using 3000K and 4000K color temperature of the lamp commonly. But for some space, the low color temperature light rope is necessary, such as high-end hotels and villas club.
High-end hotels, villas and other space relatively in favor of the choice of warm color LED rope products to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and make people feel comfortable like home.
General light products provide 3000K and 4000K color temperature to choose. Rainbow series of Ou Pu LED lights can provide three color temperature, among which 2500K color temperature products is more special. As its spectrum contains red components which is more suitable for use in high-end hotels, villas, home and other low-temperature occasions.

4, Color rendering index should be greater than 80

Color problems of LED lights have little importance when the product is used in indirect light tank. But when it applied to a large area of luminous ceilings as a basic lighting or used in showcase as a display, it must conform the requirements of color index Ra> 80 in order to be a professional LED rope. This is also the requirements of national standard GB50034-2013.

5, Light should be continuous

The continuity of the light rope is an important consideration for the effect of the lighting design, which requires the entire rope has no boundaries and shadow.
Through the tool-free plug-in connection, you can ensure light rope have no shadow.

6, Convenient wiring installation

When used in the lamp slot, the lamp slot space is relatively small, you should ask the installation worker for help as the wire and fixed  operation are really complicated.
Therefore, you’d better choose led rope product with quick plug quick access, direct buckle installed lights.

7, Light efficiency should be as high as possible

For the LED rope, the importance of light efficiency has a great relationship with its application scene. For example, when it is applied to the indirect lighting, the light requirements is relatively low than the led rope apply to a large area of luminous ceilings or showcase.
As a professional LED light belt, the light effect should be at least> 60 lm / W under the premise of color rendering index Ra> 80.
In general, the manufacturer will provide the technical parameters of the product.

8, The length of the connection wire

Something is the longer the better. For example: the connection length of LED lights.
Under the premise of electrical specification and drive voltage drop control, it will save some power as the distance of LED rope is long(for on-site installation, the reserved power supply location and construction are reduced, and sometimes, especially for the lamp vessel, this is a very troublesome problem.)
For the maximum connection length requirements, each project site will be different. But to understand the allowed maximum of product in advance is necessary.