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High Pressure And Low Pressure Comparison Of KTV Commonly Used Led Rope Light

LED is also known as light-emitting diodes. Its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, a solid-state semiconductor devices which can be directly converted into light. Placed on the shelf with lead, and then surrounded by silicone seal, it can play a role of protecting the internal core, so the LED has good seismic performance. LED heart is a semiconductor chip, one end of the chip attached to a bracket, the end is negative. The other end connected to the power supply is positive, so that the entire chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin.

Led strips  are often used to outline the contours of various buildings, construct large-scale lighting patterns, decorate a variety of interior entertainment, home landscaping and other lighting. According to the different use occasions of LED rope lights and its different requirements of the lights, there are high-voltage led strips strips and low-voltage led strips strips. High-voltage led strips strips is also known as AC lights and low-voltage led strips strips is also known as DC lights.

So what is the difference between the two flexible LED rope lights? What about the pros and cons between the two light? how to choose it?
With 220V voltage work, high voltage led strips strips have some applications risk in some place as they are dangerous voltage; low voltage LED rope light is working in the DC 12V operating voltage which are safe voltage can be applied to various occasions. And it has no dangerous to people.
High-voltage LED rope light installation is relatively simple. You can directly drive it with high-voltage drive. It can can work properly as connect to the 220V power supply, so the general factory can configure directly. You need to install DC power supply installation of the lamp to install low-voltage flexible LED rope light which is relatively complex.
From the point of view of the two led rope lights, their price is almost the same. But the overall cost is not the same. With a high-voltage power supply, a power of high-voltage LED rope light generally can take 30 to 50 meters flexible LED rope light and, relatively speaking, the cost of high voltage voltage is relatively low. With additional external DC power supply, low-voltage led strips strips cost are much higher than the high-voltage led strips strips. Generally, the power of 1 meter 60 beads 5050 lamp is about 12 ~ 14W, which means that every meter light need 15W DC power supply, so the costs of low-voltage led strips strips will increase a lot. So from the overall view, low-cost led strips strips is expensive than the high voltage led strips strips.
The packaging of high-voltage led strips and low-voltage led strips strips are also very different. High-pressure flexible LED rope light can be generally 50 to 100 m / roll; low-voltage led strips strips are about 5 to 10 m / roll. The DC power supply will attenuate greatly if it exceed 10 m.

Led Rope Light

5.The service life:
The technical life of low-voltage LED rope light will be 50000-100000 hours, and the actual use can also reach 30000-50000 hours. Because of the high voltage, the general service life of high-voltage led strips strips is about 10,000 hours. As it generate more heat than the low-voltage led strips strips which will directly affect the life of high-voltage led strips.
In short, in order to take care of high pressure while installation and maintenance high-voltage LED rope lights, a power supply design (usually resistance step-down) is needed. More LED is string together, if one of the light has problem, it will lead to a loop failure. So the general probability of failure will be higher. The shortcomings of high pressure lights is still very obvious. KTV is recommended to use low-voltage rope light as far as possible.