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How Big Are These Damages Of The Poor Quality LED Lighting

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 2015 statistics shows that a total of 1,400 residential fires caused by the lighting equipment in 2012, about 10 people were killed. It is gratifying that from 2010 to 2012, the number of fire caused by the lighting down from 1900 to 1400. But in China, due to poor lighting products caused by fire accidents still occur and many led lighting were recalled by the substandard quality or other dangerous products that cause fire.

In the May, Canada has recalled a Chinese-made butterfly-shaped LED lights as it’s has risk to cause fire hazard. This is due to the arc between some of the LEDT8 lamp tube's spring contacts and the printed circuit board (PCB), creating an overheating problem that could cause the lamp to melt, creating a fire and burn hazard.

In the 4th June, CREE announced to voluntary recall LEDT8 lamp sold by HomeDepot or distributor, recall the number of 700,000.
In the 15thJuly, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) with the Canadian Ministry of Health and Cooper Lighting jointly announced to recall the implementation of the Chinese-made fluorescent lamps. It is reported that there is the risk of fire as the product outlet may be fever, arc or melting.

In August, 55000 PCS OSRAM T8 lamp was recalled which shock the LED Market. It is reported that the OSRAM T8 lamp is recalled because of these lamps may overheating or lead to the risk of melting which possibility to harm people.

Although most products are recalled only because there is a potential danger, but even if only a safety accident, the adverse effects cannot be ignored. Sometimes cause the fire is just a few failed parts in the lighting, perhaps just a key component. However, the fire could lead to the big loss and adverse consequences, it is difficult to predict.

Therefore, in this, I hope that all lighting companies can do a responsible, conscientious good business, in the production of consumer safety in mind, to reduce the quality of products caused by poor quality of Xueguangzhizui, and to do this, Must be from the purchase of raw materials to strict quality control, especially in the market of low-quality low-cost raw materials in power at this stage.

So I hope all lighting companies can do a responsible, conscientious good business, considering the safety of the consumer, to reduce the risk of the fire as the poor quality LED Lighting, and we must control strict from the purchase of raw materials, especially in the market full of low-quality low-cost raw materials.

Why the LED Lighting easy to bring about the fire accident?
1. Improperly used of the LED lamps. At this stage, LED lamps and inappropriate use of performance is more prominent, especially in the embedded lamps, which are often used in the ceiling, there may be wires, insulation materials such as contact, easily lead to sparks;
2. Improper selection of the LED lamp cooling materials. At present, the impact of low-cost market demand, plastic heat dissipation materials are widely used in LED lamps, such as radiator and power shell. But in terms of cost, meet the fire safety requirements of plastic is more than double price of the ordinary plastic ;
3. Problems of LED lighting power supply. As the power factor is low, when you use low-power LED lamps in the large area of the building, it is easy to cause the wire load supercharge, then rising the temperature, causing the building safety; in the selection of the power circuit and electronics components, electrical spacing, creepage distance and short circuit is also caused the fire hazards in the existence of electronic components.

But the above problems can be eased to resolve in technically. In order to avoiding fire, manufacturers should do a variety of product testing and evaluation, such as LED spacing, scattering film structure and materials, shell type and installation location and working methods. Chinese 3C certification and export of overseas UL, CE certification of LED lighting products have a clear request for that.

Overall, the current low-quality LED lighting products, security risks are mainly reflected in the choice of raw materials. If the LED lighting manufacturers cannot do a large-scale procurement or cash purchases, then its low-cost LED lighting products may be sacrificed more at the quality of the produces. As a result, manufacturers also need to keep in mind: LED raw materials, what prices , what goods!