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How to choose high quality LED Strip Lights

There must be LED lights in common decoration list, but most owners do not know what it is. In fact, this is also normal because the lights are hidden and we commonly do not see it. We only see its light, But can not see its shadow.

LED strip lights
With the development of LED technology, LED strip lights become popular in the market. We always use T4, T5 lamp as backlight in the absence of LED strip lights. But the minimum size of T4, T5 lamp is 0.3 meters which means that there will leave a dark area if there is less than 0.3 meters. With even light, LED strip lights are very convenient because they can be cut according to the actual length. There are also much light color for option like red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white and even colorful changes. So people now always use LED strip lights rather than T4, T5 tube!

The luminous color is exactly the LED strip lights color. As mentioned above, LED lights have red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white and other monochromatic light.

General home use warm white to create a very warm atmosphere.

Typical type of LED Strip Light
Currently used LED strip lights type are 3528 and 5050 strip lights (3528 refers to the LED strip light source size, length 32mm wide and 28 mm, 5050 refers to the LED strip light source length and width are 50 mm).

The difference between the two types is the different size. On the other hand, there are three LED chips in 5050 lamp beads, and 3528 only 1 LED chip. Therefore, with the same lamp beads, 5050LED light is much brighter than 3528 LED strip lights. Its power is also its 3 times of the price of 3528 LED strip lights. And it is more expensive than 3528 LED strip lights .

On the power consumption, which involves the issue of electricity, many users are very concerned about this issue. The rated power of 3528 lamp is 0.06W (0.02A * 3V = 0.06W), and rated power of 5050 is 0.18W (0.02A * 3V * 3 = 0.18W). As there will be added protective resistor in the circuit, one meter 3528 light belt is about 4W power consumption, and one meter 5050 light belt is about 12W by 60 lights / m. The power consumption gap is still great if install tens of meters.

The light belt is mainly used to light up the lamp slot for decorative features, so taking into account of the power consumption, price and other factors, 3528 per meter 60 lights LED strip lights used most commonly.

Choice Skills of LED Strip Lights

Structure and installation
1.The structure of LED strip lights contains the lamp beads, circuit boards, wires, plastic wrap, resistors and related accessories.
2.LED strip lights are generally 100 meters a volume, you can order the number you need according to your own needs. You will use a few paragraphs in home, each section with a connector and plug directly into the socket.
If you want to cut by your own hands, you need to pay attention that the lights may be marked with a special scissors mouth where you can cut and install by yourself.
Remember: be sure to follow the instructions to cut, otherwise it will not bright!
3.The light belt is equiped with other things. The accessories are generally plug (that is power), pin (connection), fixed card (fixed with a plastic clip) and tail plug (to protect the plastic sleeve on the tail of lamp) The factory will give you these accessories, but you need to negotiate in advance in case of they forget.

Actual installation
Cut proper size according to the actual length of your home light slot, after assemble and tested well, then you can install with a light clip to fix, and finally through the power to light bulb.
If you do not want to install by your own, you can give it to the decoration worker for whom it is a piece of cake!