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How to Distinguish the Quality of Under Cabinet Lighting

Because of its environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, long life, etc., under cabinet lighting has now entered people’s daily life. Its application has also been more and more widely, especially in the integrated ceiling industry. At the same time, LED market also face vicious competition, a large number of substandard products circulate in the market. Those substandard products contrary to the LED energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other true values. It also seriously affected the healthy development of integrated ceiling LED flat lamp. How to distinguish good and bad LED plate lights? Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd will analyze for you!

First, look at the overall "lamp power factor": with low power, the drive power and circuit design is not good which will greatly reduce the lamp life. No matter how better the lamp beads is, its life will not be long with low power. So, this is why LED lamps need to be equipped with high quality, high efficiency drive power!

Second, look at the "lamp cooling conditions - materials, structure": LED lighting radiation is also very important. For the same power lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, the lamp beads works at high temperatures, lamp life will be reduced.

Third, look at "light beads quality": lamp quality decides the quality of the chip and packaging technology which is important to under cabinet lighting.

Fourth, look at the drive power of the lamp. The service life of power supply is relative much shorter than other parts of the lamp. The life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lamp. The theoretical life of the lamp beads is 5-10 million hours, and the life of the power supply is between 0.2 and 30,000 hours. The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Fifth, See the light effect: for the same lamp beads power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness. And for the same brightness, the less the power consumption, the more the energy-efficient.

Six, See power efficiency: the higher of the power efficiency, the smaller of the power consumption and the greater of the output power.

Seven, See if it meets the safety standards? China's LED lighting safety standards have been introduced, you can select under cabinet lighting and other led light according to national safety standards.

Eight, see if the work is fine and exquisite.