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Industry News

  • The best ways to find high quality strip light 2018-03-14

    LED Rope is widely used in light tank indirect lighting, large area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, as well as showcase or wall lighting.So, what should be equipped with an good LED rope? In othe...

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  • How to Distinguish the Quality of Under Cabinet Lighting 2018-03-14

    Because of its environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, long life, etc., under cabinet lighting has now entered people’s daily life. Its application has also been more and more widely, es...

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  • RGB Light Strip 2018-03-14

    RGB led strip definition: RGB led strip refers to each LED welded on the LED lights is composed of red, green, blue chips. They can also issue red, green, blue and other three monochromatic light or l...

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  • How To Solve the Uneven Light of LED Strip? 2018-03-14

    LED strip is common lighting instrument can be seen in a variety of outdoor shopping malls, restaurants, hotels. Family lighting also use to LED strip to reach an indirect means of lighting as well as...

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  • The Reason and Identification Method of LED Strips Failure 2018-03-14

    Eight reasons that why led strips is not bright1, The packaging protection of flexible led strips is imperfect resulting from the lamp impact and damage during the transport process.2, There are the p...

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