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RGB Light Strip

RGB led strip definition: RGB led strip refers to each LED welded on the LED lights is composed of red, green, blue chips. They can also issue red, green, blue and other three monochromatic light or light together into white light. If you add the controller, you can achieve red, green, blue, white change in turn and flicker. RGB is the red, green, blue, it does not means colorful.

Colorful LED lights definition: colorful LED lights refers to a LED light welding red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, brown and other seven different colors on it. That is mixed LED lights which called colorful LED lights.

RGB Light Strip
RGB light imaging principle: RGB lights is imaging from three primary colors common intersection. In addition, there are blue LED with yellow phosphor, and purple LED with RGB phosphor. As the whole, these two have their imaging principle, but the attenuation problem and UV on the human body are more difficult to solve in short term. Although they can meet the needs of white light, there are different results.
RGB obviously have more wide range of application than white LED, such as lights, traffic sighs, windows, etc. RGB mixing color can be more arbitrary compared to white LED when they need to use a certain band of light. On the other hand, RGB lights has many disadvantage for the use of lighting. Because the white light flux, life and solid color are important in terms of lighting. Currently, RGB LED strip are mainly used in decorative lights aspect. White LED are significantly inferior to RGB in the clarity and color purity terms.
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