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Six Technology Of LED To Change The Future

As we know, LED industry is a green industry, with environmental, health, energy and other advantages, but the domestic LED lighting market share of only about 15%, 30% to 50% from developed countries which is great distance. In the future, LED industry will further enhance the degree of industrial agglomeration and the good resources will be closer to the good enterprises. How to make LED industry grow?

First, the development of LED chip and packaging is rapid. Light efficiency is upgrade, flip chip, high-voltage chip, COB, EMC, CSP packaging technology has been developed. At home and abroad all the components of the product began to fight light module products, especially IC integrated products, system integration, modular and so on. Below 30W COB device is still the mainstream market products, the future may also be substantial growth.

Second, although the first two years there are device factory want to research and development the CSP and flip-chip package without the gold, but this year has finally begun to pop up. Direct-type backlight, for the TV display products already have CSP products. For example, CSP package products imitation COB form, a number of small devices and string together, according to the size of the application can be assembled unlimited. In addition, this year with the high significant refers to the phosphor products stand out in the market.

Third, EMC device products imitation integrated package made of high-power mode of mining lamps and floodlights gradually popular in the market. The development of Automotive lighting modular which market stability to be extended, such as car headlights and turn signals is a very big cake in the market.

Fourth, the intelligent lighting program, home and business intelligence solutions become the subject of persistent. Intelligent lighting became more and more popular which are the trend and also the challenge. There is no uniform standard or protocol in the current "App light control system", each product from the lights to the software, the system self-contained cannot interwork which is a major drawback of development.

Fifth, the filament lamp is more mature, many companies depend on technology leadership to sales their products around the world, sapphire substrate filament to replace the old WuSiDeng products.

Sixth, the application of UV LED light, plant lighting is increasing, such as UV LED used in security, disinfection, curing and other fields. The potential market of these LED is huge, but they need to scale up the application to take the market opportunities.

Now, the technical advantage of LED chip packaging is appeared, industrial equipment rapid expansion, the area of display extension, the leading of a small gap in backlight, intelligent lighting gradually lead the forefront. Plant lighting, medical lighting, agricultural lighting and other market segments are gradually expanding, and have been taken the industry's attention.