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The Reason and Identification Method of LED Strips Failure

Eight reasons that why led strips is not bright
1. The packaging protection of flexible led strips is imperfect resulting from the lamp impact and damage during the transport process.
2.There are the phenomenon of solder joint on the welding point of flexible LED strips, the solder joint will fall off and not light caused by the vibration during the transport.
3.With less solder, solder joints is easy to fall off
4.The solder quality of flexible led strips is not good, so the solder joints are prone to crack and shedding in the bending process.
5.While install flexible led strips, the bending angle is too large, which result in separation of solder joints and copper foil and it will not light.
6.With excessive extrusion, the chip of flexible led strips may damage or the solder joint may deform and it will not bright.
7.The circuit board solder mask layer is so thick that the soldering and circuit boards can not be completely integrated together while welding. It is also a kind of virtual welding phenomenon.
8.Flexible led strips can not be distorted while installation. The distortion will cause the solder joints falling off and lead to no light.

How to identify the quality of LED lights:
The LED lights market varies greatly, the product prices also varies widely from regular manufacturers and irregular factory. I am afraid that many customers do not have the ability to identify quality of LED lights from the professional and technical field. Then you can figure out the  good quality product from the initial identification of the appearance.

LED lights
Mainly from the following aspects to identify:
1.Solder joints
Formal LED lights manufacturers produce LED lights with SMT chip technology, using solder paste and reflow. Therefore, the solder joints on LED lights are relatively smooth and the amount of solder will not be much. The solder joints were arc-like extend from the FPC pad to the LED electrode.
2.FPC quality
FPC contains copper and rolled copper, and you can find that the clad copper foil is protruding looking carefully from the connection of pad and FPC. And rolling copper is close to FPC as a whole, the pad will not fall off no matter how you bend it. The copper plate will fall off if you bend over it. It will also fall off if the temperature is too high while maintenance.
3.the surface cleanliness of LED lights
With SMT production process, the surface cleanliness of LED lights is very good without any impurities and stains. While with hand-welding process production, the surface of the fake LED lights will remain stains and cleaning traces no matter how you cleaning.
With anti-static coil tray packaging, regular LED lights are usually 5 meters a volume or 10 meters a roll, and then use anti-static moisture-proof packaging sealed outside. To save cost, the fake LED lights use recycled coil without anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags. You can find the label removing traces and scratches on the appearance of coil.
Formal LED lights will have printed labels rather than print labels on the bags and coil tray.
Regular LED lights will not only be attached with instructions and lamp specifications inside of the box, but also equipped with LED lights connector or a deck; while the fake LED lights do not have these accessories in boxes to save costs.