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LED Rigid Strip Light

Hanron’s LED Light Bar use high brightness LED and high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB to reach best balance between quality and price.

The excellent heat dissipation facilitates outstanding light quality with 30,000 lifespan, and the wattage can be 4.8W/Meter to 28.8W/M.

These products can be easily cut into customized length on the cutting points which show their excellent adaptability.

More than 50types of aluminum profile are created to work together with the led bar lights to maintain different function of the strip light. The PC cover can be milky or clear on specific usage.
Waterproof version is available with silicone glue, making it a good application for outdoor without worrying about the glue to be turned into yellow color.

With a certain CCT and suitable aluminum profile, these type of products are a good solution for Display Case, refrigerator light etc.

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