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Our quality SMD5050 rgb led strip lights bring you a colorful atmosphere with RED, GREEN, BLUCE colors and their amalgamation mode. It’s easy and affordable to choose a controller to work with this led rgb strip.

Here is the standard technical of our led strip rgb:
LED Type: SMD5050 LED
LED Chip: Epistar or Sanan
Brightness: 2000-2500mcd
Voltage: DC12V or DC 24V LED Strip
LED QTY: 30LED&60LED&120LED/Meter
Wave Length: RED 620-630nm, BLUE 460-470nm, Green 520-530nm
IP Rating: IP20&IP65&IP66&IP68
Color of FPC: White/Yellow/Black
FPC type: Double Layer
Back Tape: 3M 200MP adhesive tape with yellow backing
Warranty: 5&3&2Year Warranty

Both indoor and outdoor led strip lights are available in the range.

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