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Hanron’s RGB and RGBW LED Strip epitomize sophisticated design that is honed to reflect the specific needs of users. With additional controller, our rgb strip can be changed to the color or color mode base on customer’s idea to make a colorful atmosphere.

Our rgb led strip lights choose SMD5050 RGB LEDs as light source because of his good heat dissipation and brightness colorful color option. Standard LED QTY per meter is 30/60/120LED with DC12V or DC24V voltage.

At the same time, our Rgbw strip use SMD5050 RGB with SMD5050 white or be 4chip in one LED to be light source, offer you different products with different functions.
Both of these two led strip are designed with the viewing angel at 130deg and functioned with color. User can make setting depending on their own preference quite suitable for atmosphere construction including colorful stage lights and concerts.

There are IP20, IP65, IP66 and IP68 rating for all above products to make it available for indoor and outdoor usage.

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