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Our quality SMD5050 rgbw color changing led strip brings you a colorful atmosphere with RED, GREEN, BLUCE, White colors and their amalgamation mode. These types of led stirps offer a more abundant color than rgb led strip light.

Here is the standard technical of our rgbw addressable led strip:
LED Type: SMD5050 RGB+ SMD3528/5050 LED or 4chip in 1LED
LED Chip: Epistar or Sanan
Brightness: 2000-2500mcd
Voltage: DC12V or DC 24V LED Strip
LED QTY: 30LED&60LED&120LED/Meter
Wave Length: RED 620-630nm, BLUE 460-470nm, Green 520-530nm
IP Rating: IP20&IP65&IP66&IP68
Color of FPC: White/Yellow/Black
FPC type: Double Layer
Back Tape: 3M 200MP adhesive tape with yellow backing
Warranty: 5&3&2Year Warranty

Both indoor and outdoor led strip lights are available in the range.

RGBW LED strip is one of the new types of strip in the market, more and more customers choose these types of products to broaden or strengthen their market. So, why not you?

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